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Witness Generational Healing®

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Welcome and Thank YouFor taking the time with me to explore Generational Healing®.

In this video, you’ll be witnessing an in-person Generational Healing® session to help you become familiar with the modality and determine if you’d like to receive healing. 

As you witness this in-person session, know that healing is experienced differently for everyone. As I work with your ancestor, a different experience will come forward for you. What will remain similar to this recording is the session opening and closing sequence. The best way to witness this session is the same as when receiving: to do so with an open heart and open mind.

I hope witnessing this healing helps you gain the insights you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generational Healing® is an energy modality that allows the facilitator to be guided by your ancestor in healing trauma that originates with your ancestor but affects and is carried by you. Generational Healing®  heals the trauma where it began through to you and your current and/or future children, eradicating suffering from your family line.

No. In each Generational Healing® session, one ancestor comes forward to heal one trauma. You likely have many ancestors that desire healing, but the one that needs and desires healing the most at the time of the healing is who will come forward.

One can receive Generational Healing® as often as you feel called to receive as long as there are 7 days in between sessions to allow for integration. 

Some clients choose to receive healing once a week for a year and some choose to receive 7 weekly sessions and others return every quarter or on their birthdays to receive. Listen to the call of your ancestors and you will know when to come for healing.

  1. Find a quiet room with a bed you can lie on or lie on the floor with some comfortable cushions, where you will not be interrupted for the duration of your session.

  2. Have a glass of water beside you after your session.

  3. Remove all jewelry from your fingers, wrists, ankles or toes. Remove all metal rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets or toe rings.

  4. Lie down in a comfortable position with your hands beside you. Do not cross your arms over your body and do not cross your ankles.

  5. Wear an eye mask or use a soft shirt or pants as a substitute, and place it gently on your eyes.

  6. The best way to receive Generational Healing® is to relax and be in your heart, not your mind.

Arrive with an open heart and open mind.

No, we cannot call specific ancestors or traumas to come forward. We cannot impose our will onto the ancestral realm. Instead, I will call forward what needs healing the most and trust that comes forward to be healed is what is most supportive of you at this time.

You should not feel uncomfortable in your session. However, traumas show up as densities and clients may at times feel sensations, pressure, tingling, feelings of being unable to move, or have their stomach gurgle. All these are normal sensations and they will lighten and pass as the session progresses.

I connect to you and your ancestor through your birth details, which include your birth date and birth location, and your photo, which you provide upon booking.

Yes, they do. However, your ancestor is not coming forward from the past. Your ancestor is present within you, through your bloodline. When our ancestors are still alive, they are responsible for healing this trauma, along with us, if we both carry this specific trauma. Once they have passed, these traumas become the sole responsibility in those that are living. That is why when a family member passes, we may feel a much deeper expression of trauma that we carry.

Generational Healing® is not bound by time nor space so the healings are complete when the energy is complete. In general, this can be up to 45 minutes long but as short as 20-25 minutes.

Yes. Generational Healing® heals the trauma where it began. It heals it in you, your ancestor, and anyone in the lineage that carries this specific trauma. As we heal trauma, it also supports the planet.

Immediately after your session, most people feel lighter in their bodies, reflective, and emotional. It is important to allow yourself the space to integrate after receiving Generational Healing®. You may feel a shift in your appetite (either more or less), need for rest, or feeling dehydrated. Listen to your body, giving it the nourishment and rest it needs along with drinking lots of water. It’s normal to feel emotional and exhausted that evening up to the next day, but all will be restored by the end of the following day. Although the healing is complete as soon as your session is over, Integration can take up to 7 days.

Distance Generational Healing® sessions are available internationally from the comfort of your home, or you may receive healing in-person in Toronto on select dates.

Receive healing along with your ancestor through Generational Healing®