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Integrative Sacred Union Sessions™

Integrate into Holiness, Unite with your Divine Counterpart & See Your Love Transform the World

What is Sacred Union?

Sacred Union is the most expansive experience of love.

It occurs when people who have embodied sacred union within come together and their sacred love has the potential to support their soul’s full expression. This love has the alchemical energy to transform the world.

Sacred Union is the pathway to oneness, the union of god (masculine) and goddess (feminine) within our bodies.

Think of the sacred union as the original ‘power couple,’ except surrendered into the oneness of creation.

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Elements of Sacred Union

  • We honor the journey of the soul and our soul’s growth with another
  • We recognize the transformative power of our sexual energy
  • We remember our divinity and honor the divine in another
  • We have healed our hearts so we may surrender and open to love
  • We embody our masculine and feminine energies as needed
  • We integrate our shame & feel safe being vulnerable
  • We are aware of our energy and how it engages with another
  • We experience the devotional creation energy of the universe within
  • We integrate our shadow and our light
  • We embody sacred sexuality
  • We are in divine union within
  • We experience our wholeness

What are Integrative Sacred Union Sessions?

Integrative Sacred Union Sessions™ are a blend of practical and sacred practice. You journey, either individually or as a couple, guided by Vanessa to experience your own divine self within so that you may experience that ripple out into your partnership and creations.

It’s one part integrated attachment theory, one part lessons in communication, one part tantra, one part alchemy, and one part soul guidance.

You are .

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How Integrative Sacred Union Sessions™ Are Guided

Vanessa supports individuals and couples at all stages and types of relationships. 

You will receive support in:

  • Understanding your attachment style
  • Reprogramming your core wounds
  • Healing childhood wounds
  • Opening your heart
  • Developing vulnerable communication skills
  • Learning techniques to improve communication & intimacy
  • Discover how your fears sabotage your relationships
  • Practice techniques for deeper connection and clearer understanding
  • Knowing your triggers
  • Embodying the masculine and feminine energies
  • Integrating the shadow and light aspects of your sexuality
  • Improving your sexual experience with your partner
  • Bringing playfulness, curiosity, and sensuality into love-making
  • Holding the boundaries needed to feel safe
  • Calling in your divine counterpart
  • Honoring your divinity

I see the relational dynamics you are experiencing as opportunities to transform on a soul level, within your union, and in the world at large. These sessions meet you where you are at and support you with the energetic intention of sacred union.

You do not need to be in a relationship to experience Integrative Sacred Union Sessions™. 

Individual or Couples sessions available online. Individual sessions are 1 hour and couples sessions are 1.5 hours in length.

Vanessa Benlolo is the Creator of Integrative Sacred Union Sessions™ and has been guiding individual clients and couples in this capacity for the past 4 years. It is through her own personal experiences of loss in love that initiated her on a journey to inner sacred union. It is from this deep felt experience that she surrendered to love as life itself.

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