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Your Soul Speak™ guide, Integrative Sacred Union Facilitator,
Generational Healer® & Teacher, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child Evolutionary Educator, Spiritual Guide, and lover of humanity.

About Me

Born on the island of Aruba to a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, Vanessa was primed to be spiritually curious and came into the world with an explorative mind and an ancient soul. 

Throughout her upbringing, education, personal development, spirituality, and ritual and her intuition were nurtured by her mother and grandmother. In her household, she would regularly honor her ancestors at the altar and she would prepare for exams by taking ritual baths. Don’t believe she had the perfect childhood though. In her family, part of the arguments were about who was most intuitive and she most definitely witnessed and experienced dysfunctional family dynamics and abuse. 

This led to the first stirrings of a life-long quest, which started at 8 years old, to understand why we are here. 

At that time she had asked, she saw two beings say to her that this experience was all an illusion. This frightened her. If this was all an illusion, then “who and what are we?” she wondered. She sought for answers through exploration of who she was and her environment and quickly turned into a fascination with the human body and our genetics. So not surprisingly she went on to study Biological Engineering at University of Guelph. The more she went down the routes of science, the more questions there seemed to be that science could not answer.

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At the same time, her intuition had been growing stronger to the point where she predicted a critical event a few hours before it happened. It was at that moment, that she acknowledged she had intuitive gifts. And so of course, she began to explore this again personally and then sought out training to awaken and then master her spiritual gifts. 

This insatiable desire to understand what it means to be a soul having a human experience coupled with the inner knowing that she is here to help others live better lives, is how soul guiding came to be revealed as her soul’s calling. 

Not only is this work and offerings the culmination of what she has embodied and mastered through her own evolution but it is the result of countless hours dedicated to learning from mentors, teachers, and guides and in ceremony. She has trained professionally in life and executive coaching, energy healing, mindfulness, purpose guiding, generational healing, attachment theory, relationship coaching, and soul parenting.

She has a direct connection to the spirit realms, the enchanted realms, and the spirit babies. This allows her to guide you based on what is your most aligned path for your embodied wholeness. Vanessa guides you at the soul level in a way that is grounded in the wisdom and experience she has acquired in her life.

Her intention is to support you in transforming, healing, and becoming whole integrated beings so you may be able to support your children, family, relationships, and community. Her belief is that one person committed to their path can ripple out love and healing to many others in their family and community and that this will transform humanity.

When Vanessa is not guiding others and creating opportunities for transformation, she immerses herself in various activities that bring joy and fulfillment. She cherishes her time spent embracing a healthy lifestyle through ceremony and yoni steaming, cooking up delicious meals, staying active with workouts and dancing, and exploring the world through travel. Vanessa also enjoys nature-based activities like foraging, drying flowers, and camping. Her adventurous spirit shines through her love for trail riding and continuous learning. Vanessa believes in fully embracing and being present in each of her life experiences, allowing her to grow and develop new skills.

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How does Vanessa support you?

Vanessa has created an integrative system for soul embodied living – a system designed to integrate all aspects of you into wholeness. She is here to help you heal yourself, heal your family, heal your relationships, live your purpose, and be of service. 

She does this through the following one-on-one offerings, available online through Zoom.

She is here to support you at all steps of your evolutionary journey and to meet you exactly where you are at. This is why her clients work with her for many years and continue to come back and develop themselves further in each stage of their enlightenment and entrepreneurial journeys.

Listen to Vanessa Benlolo speak on What it Means To Follow Your Soul’s Purpose

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Vanessa’s Commitment to her Clients

I will guide you to connect with your soul by creating a clear channel for regular dialogue with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and to receive messages so you may express and embody your soul’s desires.

I will show up with presence and devote my time and energy to you, exclusively, in your sessions.

I will bring attentive, whole-spectrum listening, deep understanding, non-judgment, belief in your grandeur, intuition, and commitment to your human development from a soul level. You can expect me to challenge you, offer fresh perspective, make requests, acknowledge your success, and guarantee utmost confidentiality (to the fullest extent of the law) in this powerful, sacred relationship.

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What has Vanessa helped clients with over the years?

Vanessa has served clients from all walks of life including moms, entrepreneurs, healers, tech gurus, multi-millionaires, supermodels, fashion designers, real estate agents, naturopathic doctors, web designers, restaurant owners, photographers, googlers, artists, and coaches. 

She has helped people:

  • Heal after divorce
  • Discover their voice
  • Get promoted
  • Leave corporate
  • Become entrepreneurs
  • Find the love of their life
  • Live in their dream home
  • Trust their bodies
  • Remember their divinity
  • Heal guilt & shame
  • Grieve loss of a child
  • Heal after abortion or miscarriage
  • Become securely attached
  • Conceive
  • Improve their communication
  • Become vulnerable
  • Love and respect their partner
  • Prepare for their own death
  • Transform family dynamics
  • Be in nature
  • Love the earth
  • Become healers
  • Protect their energy field
  • Embrace their spiritual gifts
  • Heal generational trauma
  • Create new experiences
  • Be authentic

Professional Bio

Vanessa Benlolo is the Founder and Creator of Soul Speak Sessions™, The Soulful Entrepreneur™, and Integrative Sacred Union™ Sessions.

Vanessa is an international Soul Speak™ Guide with 10,000+ hours and over 8 years of experience supporting men and women on their soul’s evolutionary journey. She is professionally certified and active practitioner of Generational Healing®, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education, Integrated Attachment Theory, Somatic Energy Healing and Ancestral Spiritual Guidance. 

She supports her clients in healing generational trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, improving communication, transforming societal and familial conditioning, alchemizing their relationships, preparing for conception, embracing their spiritual gifts, and mastering their sexuality. All in order to awaken their divine essence, so they can be connected, heart-centered beings and enjoy all that comes with it ~ ease, abundance, purpose, glow, joy, intimacy, creativity, truth, intuition, confidence, compassion, and love. 

She currently supports her clients through one-on-one sessions and distance healings. She has been a featured speaker on podcasts and panels regarding soul purpose, conscious parenting, and healing trauma.  Her “How to Heal your Conditioning and Embrace your Soul’s Purpose” was recently published in “Business, Life, and the Universe,” a best-selling book. She is in the early process of creating courses on ritual, sacred union, spiritual entrepreneurship, and the Signature Soul Speak™ Certification that will be offered through the institute she is founding.

Vanessa works in service of Mother Earth and supports the evolution of humanity.

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Purchase and Read “How to Heal Your Conditioning and Embrace your Soul’s Purpose” written by Vanessa in Business, Life, and the Universe Vol. 8


“There is nothing more important in this life than discovering who we truly are and creating from this place of deep inner knowing, in purposeful service to humanity.”

— Vanessa Benlolo, Founder of Soul Guiding Institute™ and Creator of Soul Speak™ Sessions and Integrative Sacred Union Sessions.