Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Certificate Training

Connect to the Spirit of Unborn Children & Offer Guidance to Others

An 8 Week Live Online Certificate Training Program with Vanessa Benlolo

Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Training - beginning May 23rd, 2024

Join me for an 8 week online journey of opening up to your spiritual gifts and connecting with the spirit baby realms, allowing you to deliver messages of healing and transformation to your future clients.

Help clients:

  • Learn about prior miscarriages and/or fertility concerns
  • What they need to heal in order to conceive
  • Learn about their future children’s needs and personality
  • Prepare for the arrival of their children
  • Be conscious parents & connect with the spirit of their children

Be initiated into the spirit baby realm, practice delivering messages, and receive the practical guidance and support in setting this up as a viable business. Upon successful certification, you may also have the opportunity to become one of our student facilitator affiliates.

This is an invitation to deepen your own gifts and to step into a role of guidance and support for others. In doing so, you help create a world with more conscious parents who are aware of the spirit of their children and how they are guiding their lives, even prior to conception.

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What is a Spirit Baby?

A spirit baby is the spirit of a child waiting to be born.

Prior to incarnation, the spirit of an unborn child waits in the spirit baby realm. Their energy is present and available to communicate and interact with.

Each child has a spiritual connection to their mother and/or father and the spirit of your children are here to guide you on an evolutionary journey to heal and embrace them, if you’re willing to be led by their spirit.

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What is a Spirit Baby Intuitive™?

A professionally trained facilitator that supports parents in connecting to their spirit baby.

A Spirit Baby Intuitive™ is a facilitator that has been professionally trained  to connect to the spirit baby realm and relay messages of guidance, reassurance, and required transformation to those that are pregnant or trying to conceive.

Connecting with the spirit of your child prior to conception or birth can help guide parents in how best to support their child and have a spiritually connected experience with their child.

Welcome to Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Training

For many years, I have been guiding women in their pre-conception and conception journeys. I have helped women who have experienced infertility for 15 years, become pregnant in 6 weeks. I have supported women through having their first and second children and learning how to honor the unique spirit of each child. Women have come to understand their miscarriages at the soul level. And sadly, I have also supported a family through the loss of their 2.5 month old baby.

As women become mothers, they are initiated through the birth of their child and who they have known themselves to be prior is forever transformed. The journey of transformation is guided by the spirit of their child before they are ever born and you can be of support to these women as they connect to their spiritual children. 

This is your official invitation to come on a journey to the spirit baby realms and to offer messages and insight to women as they navigate preconception and conception. 

I invite you to become a Spirit Baby Intuitive™ through the certification program I have developed.

Course Outline

Week 1: Grounding & Creating Sacred Space

Learn how to ground, prepare to connect, and set sacred space. Engage in the practices that  will help you to prepare and be ready to be initiated into the spirit baby realm.

Week 2: Spirit Baby Realm Initiation

Be initiated into the spirit baby realm, making available to you the ability to connect with spirit babies, become acquainted with their energy, and receive insight directly from them.

Week 3: How to Receive Insight & Messages

Discover how to receive insight and messages from spirit babies in the spirit baby realm.  Be guided in how to stay curious to the energy of the spirit babies so you may explore more deeply what wants to be expressed and shared.

Week 4: Discerning between Ego and Insight and Connecting in Preconception & Pregnancy

Practice connecting to spirit babies, receiving insight and throughout the process, discern when your ego is projecting vs when you are receiving clear insight. Heal the assumptions, projections, and fears that your ego reveals to you.

Week 5: Techniques to Connect with Spirit Babies

Learn and practice techniques to support you in heightening your sensitivity and surrendering in receptivity so you may be highly attuned to the energy of the spirit babies and what they wish to communicate. Acquire the skills necessary to discern between different spirit babies and speak to one directly, connect and receive timelines of when children are coming into the planet, see what a child may need from their parents in the future, or connect to the spirit of children miscarried.

Week 6: How to Connect with Your Own Spirit Babies

Be guided through the portal of your own being, your womb, and connect with your own spirit babies. Receive messages of guidance on your journey and experience the type of meditation that you will be guiding others through, upon successful certification.

Week 7: Delivering Sensitive Messages: Miscarriages, Fertility & Adoption

Develop the skills necessary to compassionately deliver sensitive messages to your clients. Learn how to connect to and share why a spirit baby has not come into the physical world yet and what changes are necessary to support their conception and healthy birth. Understand the spiritual connection between adoptive parents and their children. And many other nuanced and sensitive situations.

Week 8: Facilitating Spirit Baby Readings Professionally

This week, we will cover the practical side of supporting clients professionally. Learn how to structure your readings and meditations, how much to charge, business boundaries that lead to successful client interactions, how to set up your business structure, how to keep your certification valid, and how to limit your liability and protect your business

Calling in all those who are ready to be of service to the incoming children.

What becomes possible as a Spirit Baby Intuitive™?

  • Trust Yourself
  • Heal & Integrate your Ego
  • Build a Flourishing Business
  • Help others Conceive & Have Hope
  • Bring Messages that Transform Lives
  • Guide Women in Connecting to their Spirit Babies
  • Build a Community of Conscious Parents
  • Create a World where All can be Expressed


After successful certification, you will be able to offer Spirit Baby Readings as well as meditations to help women connect to their own spirit babies.

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What are Spirit Baby Readings?

These readings meet each woman exactly where they are and allow the wisdom of their children to guide them. You are able to connect to their children in the spirit realm and those coming forward to guide them in connecting with their parents.

What May Spirit Babies Share?

  • Where they want to live 
  • Who is their parent and your partner in conception 
  • Their soul lesson & mission on the planet 
  • What needs to change prior to their arrival 
  • Transformation needed for conception 
  • Reasons for miscarriages 
  • Their personality and needs 
  • Messages for you


Your Teacher

Vanessa Benlolo, CEO & Founder of Soul Guiding Institute, is now leading Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Training.

Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Training is taught intuitively through my direct connection with the Spirit Baby Realm. The spirit babies have asked me to guide and train others in bringing messages of healing and transformation to parents on their conception and parenting journeys.

This training is designed to guide you in clearly connecting with the Spirit Baby Realm and finessing your ability to communicate the energy that is revealed to you, in guiding your clients.

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What is included?

Be Certified to lead Spirit Baby Readings & Spirit Babies Guided Meditation Sessions

  • Be guided by Vanessa Benlolo, CEO & Founder of Soul Guiding Institute
  • Eight weeks of live training on zoom
  • Receive all recordings 
  • Complete practical & intuitive assignments
  • Guidance in offering readings professionally
  • Grow in trusting your intuition
  • Deepen in your personal & professional growth
  • Integrate your ego

Next Training:

Thursdays, May 23rd to July 11th 2024

12pm EST – 1:30pm EST/ 9am PST – 1:30pm PST

Payment Plans Available

One payment of

Three payments of

Four payments of


Schedule a consultation to secure your payment plan.

Ready to Embrace Your Calling?

This journey begins May 23rd 2024, enrollment is open now.

Register to start the Spirit Baby Intuitive™ Certificate Training.

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