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Somatic Energy Healing

Release Trauma Stored in your Physical Body

Your “soma” is your body, which is distinct from your soul, mind, or psyche.

As you flow through life, you encounter experiences that may be difficult to process and so the body stores these memories along with the associated beliefs into the body. They are held in the body as a somatic memory intended to keep you safe and to prepare you, should you experience a similar situation again in the future. When we are experiencing a similar event, we may begin to experience similar sensations, pains, heaviness, or tightness in certain parts of our body that act as reminders of how to behave to survive. Most of us ignore these and do not realize that this is your body communicating with you that there is an opportunity to revisit this trauma and integrate it in a new way.

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These Somatic Energy Healing Sessions allow you to connect to your body, become aware of and heal the somatic memories, the origins of the trauma and the beliefs created, into integrated wholeness.

These sessions allow you to:

  • Discover Stories, Memories, and Beliefs trapped in your Physical Body
  • Reparent your Inner Child
  • Understand the Origins of the Pain or Sensations your Body is Communicating
  • Give Yourself What you Failed to Receive During Trauma
  • Bring your Body to the Present Moment
  • Integrate Past Experiences into Wholeness
  • Create Safety for your Nervous System

Heal your .

Your Somatic Energy Healing Session

Listen to your BodyTransform Your Physical Energy & Integrate into Wholeness
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During these sessions, I will guide you to feel grounded, safe, and relaxed in your body. Then, you will journey with my guidance to notice your body’s sensations and become aware of the somatic memories that are asking for healing. I will guide you to discover the energetic essence of these sensations and their origins. As I guide you, you will be able to give yourself what you always needed but did not receive during these traumatic experiences, as well as transform the energetic essence and integrate it into wholeness.

You will experience physical and emotional release, a new understanding of yourself and of your current life experiences.

You leave these sessions having listened to your body in a way you likely have not done before. Many clients experience deep emotional release through tears during these sessions. Ideally, allow at least 1 to 2 hours for integration after these sessions. Do not schedule any important meetings or gatherings afterwards. Plan to attend your session on zoom in a comfortable place with no interruptions. All sessions are recorded with your permission and provided to you afterwards. No two sessions are alike and you may receive multiple sessions with a week between each one.


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