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The Soulful Entrepreneur™

Let Purpose Guide Your Livelihood


A blend of soul guiding and one-on-one business coaching for the entrepreneur who wants to create a conscious business by allowing your purpose to infuse your livelihood, so you can live your legacy now – a whole essence embodiment.

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How can this help me?

  • Remove limiting beliefs
  • Create abundance with ease + flow
  • Manifest from a place of allowing
  • Feel into what wants to be expressed
  • Take soul-aligned actions
  • Trust your choices
  • Get clear about your purpose
  • Create structure for flow
  • Filter through the expected ‘shoulds’
  • Feel liberated and not overwhelmed
  • Live your legacy every day
  • Make effective decisions quickly
  • Understand the energy of your venture
  • Work with divine timing
  • Master the feminine and masculine energy required to launch effortlessly
  • Heal and transform alongside your business & creations
  • Use your inner guidance system to stay clear & focused


We meet one-on-one each week to support you in bringing your creation into the world. This includes soul support as well as guidance regarding business structure, marketing and sales, and creative direction. Guidance is offered in 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month containers.

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Clarity & Direction
6 months

Discover your most aligned path and harness your new found clarity to put the structures into place to begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

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Intention & Building
9 months

Build and create with focused intention allowing your intuition and receptive energies to create abundant flow for you.

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Expansion & Alchemy
12 months

Transform alongside the alchemy that takes place in your creations and experience the embodiment of your essence, gifts, talents, and mission here on the planet.

Please note entry into this program is by application only. This allows me to ensure that this offering is a great fit for you and that you receive the quality of support that creates major shifts. If you are interested in this type of life-changing support, please complete and submit The Soulful Entrepreneur™ application below and then schedule a call.

“Vanessa supported me in ways I never even knew I needed and now I have a presence that has allowed me to support myself financially and through meaningful work.”

~ Leanne Morrison, Harmony is Home


Step 1: Complete The Soulful Entrepreneur™ Application
Step 2: Schedule a Call

Once you have submitted your application, use the calendar below to schedule a 30 minute video conferencing call in which we will review your application, see if we are a good match, and answer questions you may have about The Soulful Entrepreneur™ program. Please schedule your appointment 3 days after submitting your application so that I have ample time to review it prior to our call. Thank you!

Step 3: Commitment & Payment

If we both agree that this offering is the right fit for you, then you secure your spot by signing up and paying the deposit. Once the deposit is paid and agreements are signed, you are able to pay for the program amount in one lump sum up front or in monthly installments, whichever works best for you. You are able to pay through Paypal, e-transfer (if in Canada), or credit card.

Step 4: Begin Your Journey

We schedule the same day and time every week to meet for the length of the program you have chosen. This is when the work and play begin!

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“Vanessa has a natural capacity to help a person shift through their perceived limitations. As a teacher she is inspiring, thorough and bold.”

~ Jean Yzer, P.T., CLT, LANA, Director, Total Lymphedema Care & The South Florida Breast Cancer Rehab Center