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Transformation & Soul Guidance

Embody your Soul and Transform your Life

Alchemizing and Integrating all aspects of you into wholeness so you may be Soulful Loving Creative Conscious Fearless Bold Raw Divine Sacred Heart-Centred Sensual Energetically Masterful Glowing Abundant Intuitive Joyous Confident Compassionate Purposeful At Ease Expansive

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Light up Your Soul

Live your Amazingly Beautiful Life

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Soul Speak Sessions™
Listen to your soul, stop self-sabotage, create healthy boundaries, and build regular practices that allow you to embody and manifest your soul's purpose with joy and ease.
Generational Healing®
Relieve emotional, physical and/or mental pain and suffering by connecting with your ancestor and healing your family lineage of generational trauma.
Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™
Support your soul's evolution guided by the spirit of your child to embrace love, heal what is desiring healing, and live from the depth of who you are. Learn to be a Soul Parent and support your child in who they are born to be.
Somatic Energy Healing
Release trauma stored in the physical body through guided somatic journeys that allow you to transform the sensations, memories, and beliefs that were imprinted at the onset of trauma and are now ready to be healed.
Integrative Sacred Union Sessions
Embark on a pathway to oneness through the union of god (masculine) and goddess (feminine) within and allow that to alchemize your relationship and soul’s expression in the world as you co- create from the devotional energy of the universe.
The Soulful Entrepreneur™
A blend of soul guiding and one-on-one business coaching for the entrepreneur who wants to create a conscious business by allowing your purpose to infuse your livelihood, so you can live your legacy now - a whole essence embodiment.

How is your Soul Guiding You?

Begin on your unique path of transformation and spiritual enlightenment.
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Discover how your soul is guiding you on your evolutionary journey

“Soul is the true essence of
who you are and it is divine.”

— Vanessa Benlolo

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Transformation & Soul Guidance

Vanessa Benlolo is an international Soul Speak Guide with 10,000+ hours and over 8 years of experience supporting men and women on their soul’s evolutionary journey. She is the founder and creator of Soul Speak™ Sessions and Integrative Sacred Union™ Sessions. Vanessa is professionally certified and an active practitioner of Generational Healing®, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education, Integrated Attachment Theory, Somatic Energy Healing and Ancestral Spiritual Guidance. 

Vanessa supports her clients in healing generational trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, improving communication, transforming societal and familial conditioning, alchemizing their relationships, preparing for conception, embracing their spiritual gifts, and mastering their sexuality. She guides them to awaken and embody their divine essence, so they can be connected, heart-centered beings and enjoy all that comes with it ~ ease, abundance, purpose, glow, joy, intimacy, creativity, truth, intuition, confidence, compassion, and love. 

Her work is in greater service to Mother Earth and the evolution of humanity.

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