Vanessa Benlolo is an international Soul Speak Guide with 10,000+ hours and over 8 years of experience supporting men and women on their soul’s evolutionary journey. She is the founder and creator of Soul Speak™ Sessions and Integrative Sacred Union™ Sessions. Vanessa is professionally certified and an active practitioner of Generational Healing®, Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Education, Integrated Attachment Theory, Somatic Energy Healing and Ancestral Spiritual Guidance. 

Vanessa supports her clients in healing generational trauma, releasing limiting beliefs, improving communication, transforming societal and familial conditioning, alchemizing their relationships, preparing for conception, embracing their spiritual gifts, and mastering their sexuality. She guides them to awaken and embody their divine essence, so they can be connected, heart-centered beings and enjoy all that comes with it ~ ease, abundance, purpose, glow, joy, intimacy, creativity, truth, intuition, confidence, compassion, and love. 

Her work is in greater service to Mother Earth and the evolution of humanity.

How is Your Soul Guiding You?

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